Услуги Центра прототипирования в области нефтехимии Республики Башкортостан

Services of the Prototyping center in the field of petrochemistry of Bashkortostan Republic

The prototyping center in the field of petrochemistry provides a range of services in the following areas:


Research of spectral characteristics:

• Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry;

• Fourier - infrared spectroscopy; Raman spectroscopy;

• Photometry in the ultraviolet and visible spectrum.

Elemental analysis of inorganic and organic substances and materials:

• Automatic determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen;

• X-ray fluorescence and atomic absorption methods of element determination.

Chromatographic methods of research:

·         Gas chromatography;

·         Liquid chromatography;

·         Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry;

·         Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry;

·         Thermomechanical analysis;

·         Dynamic mechanical analysis

Thermal methods of research:

·         Differential-thermal analysis;

·         Differential-scanning calorimetry;

·         Thermogravimetric analysis;

·         Thermomechanical analysis

·         Dynamic mechanical analysis.

X-ray methods of research

Cloudy Design:

·         Organization of remote use of the required licensed software based on the lease of virtual workplaces;

·         Providing the access to computer trainer simulators of oil refining and petrochemical production processes.


·         Training in working with laboratory equipment of the Prototyping Center;

·         Training in the use of CAD in the field of petrochemistry;

·         Advanced training courses in the field of petrochemical technologies.

A full list of services provided by the Prototyping Center in the field of petrochemistry is available on the official website.