Услуги Инжинирингового центра Нефтехимического территориального кластера РБ

Services of the Engineering center of Petrochemical territorial cluster of Bashkortostan Republic

The Engineering center of Petrochemical territorial cluster of Bashkortostan Republic provides the following services in the following areas:


  • Conceptual preliminary studies and master plans for enterprise development;
  • Project cost estimation, economic and financial studies;
  • Feasibility study and examination;
  • Static and dynamic modeling;
  • Inspection of production sites;
  • Process engineering design (PED);
  • Granting of own licenses;
  • Basic Engineering Design (BED);
  • Front-end engineering and design (FEED);
  • Development of design and detailed documentation.

Supply maintenance:

  • Selection of suppliers, procurement, supply of equipment and manufacturing inspection;
  • Management of the equipment supply with a long production cycle;
  • Selection of third-party Licensors and technology integration;


  • Assembling and construction on the production site;
  • Management of construction projects;
  • Designer supervision;
  • Supervision of start-up works and commissioning procedures;
  • Operation and maintenance.


  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC) and Customer training;
  • Execution of EPC contractor’s functions.

Access to Software and hardware complex of the Engineering center

  • Services for access to the software and hardware complex are provided in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the Regulation on granting access to the hardware and software complex.